Keelan Cook Missiologist

Introducing Charles Ezra Cook

Ezra Birth Banner

The Cook family has some big news to share! We want to announce to you Charles Ezra Cook, our second child and first son. We are presently on day six and mug 58 of coffee, but thankful to God for our newest addition to the family.

Welcome to my personal website!

Hey there! You’ve stumbled upon my personal website. You can find my professional site here: Peoples Next Door.

This site is the result of a couple of desires. First, I’ve been wanting an online home apart from my professional site. The purpose of the Peoples Next Door is narrow, and I use it to provide helps to the church. It’s not the place for off topic posts or to simply lean back and put my feet up. I hope that this can serve in that regard while also being a place that functions as an online profile of sorts. Here, you can find my curriculum vitae as well as a sample of the projects about which I am most excited. These projects may be work related or of some other manner entirely.

In addition, I’m attempting to learn more about building my own websites with Jekyll. This site is hosted on my own Github repository. It is a free, relatively secure means of building your own website. I’ve been intrigued by the use of static websites and markdown for content management for a while now, and though I don’t know much about it, I finally figured out enough to give it a stab on my own.