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People do not smile enough.

It is certainly true where I live, and rightly so. I currently live in a world where life is harder than most anyone who reads this could imagine. If you are reading this, you are sitting in front of a computer. Even if its not your own, you at least have access to one. Day after day, the people here are fighting for existence. Many are wondering whether they will eat tomorrow. They live in sickness, disease and danger.

That does not leave a lot of room for smiling. Yet, despite their circumstances, the people here make room. One of the greatest gifts I have received in Africa is a smiling face. In a world that is so hard, few things are as valuable as experiencing moments of joy with a friend.

There is just something about seeing a face light up with happiness, eyes bright and teeth out of hiding. That is why I wrote these posts.

Now, keep in mind, when I claim these are my “most entertaining” posts, I can only speak for how much I was entertained. You may not find them funny at all, but I sure had fun writing them.

As promised, here is the first installment of my Term in Review.


The five most entertaining posts from my term (in no specific order) are as follows:

You cannot judge a church by its pulpit

“It is a widely known fact that a church’s style can be identified by simply looking at its pulpit. The entire summation of the evangelical movement as it sprang out of the Reformation has been distilled, with very few exceptions, into five distinct pulpit types.”

Off Topic: I’m feeling lucky

This post actually wins the award for most misunderstood post. In a rare mood, I had the desire to write a post that was completely absurd and an attempt at satire. Instead, I received some odd questions from people who, I am pretty sure, thought I was being serious.

Down the rabbit hole

Definitely a departure from my normal writing; this post was practically stream of conscience. Who knew it was possible to cover my drug habits, hallucinations, syphilis, and insanity all in the same post? It sure was a lot of fun to write though!

Off topic: What did you do this summer?

Carrying the title of my most popular post, this one has been read by more people than any other. I think there is a reason for that. Decide for yourself.

Here’s to you: Church Camp Romance

I could not make this list without including a Here’s to you post, and I think this one is the epitome, so far. I had a great time writing this one.


And when I said five posts, I really meant six…

Sermon Fodder: Turkish Baths

My personal favorite. Of all the posts I wrote with the intention to be funny, I feel this was my best attempt. Then again, I do not know if it would be possible to keep this story from being funny! You would have to read it to understand.


That is the list. Read them, laugh at them, share them with others.

Did I miss the mark? Were these the funniest posts, or did you like another better? Let me know which post you thought was the funniest. Is it on the list?