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Yesterday, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina released an explainer video that is just too good not to share. This is the kind of video you need to show in your church.

The video discusses the current state of missions in North America and focuses in specifically on the Great Commission opportunities presented by immigration to the United States.

[vimeo 191836697 w=800 h=450]

Unreached Peoples from NC Baptist on Vimeo.

The video is part of a recent push by North Carolina Baptists to train and equip local churches in the state to find and engage people groups with the gospel. Over the last several years, as we developed our Peoples Next Door project at the seminary, the state convention has been a great partner. In fact, the state convention began their own Peoples Next Door, NC project, and they are making some excellent headway concerning the nations that now live in North Carolina. Our goal at the seminary is to work with other conventions, associations and churches to help them create similar initiatives. North Carolina Baptists are a premier example of a convention that catches a vision for the least reached that are in arm’s reach.

There are many solid resources attached to their project. I would encourage you to look through their materials at their website. And if you are part of a church in North Carolina, you should contact them to see how you can be involved in the great work they are doing.